The Team

We’re the best in the business. Over 35 years, Mullin House has established its place alongside SA’s top designers, and none of it would have been possible without our spectacular team. Being a boutique design house means clients will deal first hand with our most senior creative minds, many of whom are considered family. We can’t wait to meet you.

Our company values

Everything we produce is of the absolute highest quality.

We operate with discretion and respect our clients privacy.

We are the best at what we do. We are and strive to be an authority within global design.

We are always willing to adapt to whatever the situation demands.

We are a boutique family business with a small, highly experienced team.

“Many people have forgotten the power of architecture and interior design - the ability to communicate a dream and leave a legacy. Mindlessly following global trends has led to a litany of cookie-cutter buildings which are uninspiring and impractical.

We intend to transform this paradigm with exquisitely designed custom homes and offices which are tailored perfectly to our clients' needs, while also making a mark on the remarkable timeline of human creativity.”

- Francesca, CEO

Francesca Thomas | CEO and Head Designer

Division: Interior Design and Décor

International acclaimed interior designer and decorator. Liaises with clients and sets the design process into motion. Francesca ensures that the end result is a product of what the client envisaged within budget and on time. Francesca is at the forefront of her industry : she doesn’t follow trends she sets them. Designs custom furniture pieces and sources artworks both locally and internationally from acclaimed artists to suit the specific requirements of the individual clients, and presides over installation process and finishing details of all projects.

Nikita Thomas | Senior Designer and Architectural Technologist Candidate

Division: Interior Design and Architectural Design

Involved in the planning and execution of alterations and new building works, takes personal control of conceptual detailing on every project and oversee project management and the draughting team, liases with architectural teams to ensure cohesion within the overall design process, and works with all specification and briefing with regards to co-ordinating sub-contractors.

Bianca Trinder-Smith | Senior Designer

Division: Interior Design and Décor

Involved in the planning and execution of the layout, decorating, and furnishing of the architectural interior. Bianca provides site supervision and co-ordinates suppliers. Ensuring she stays in tune with latest trends and constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products / suppliers. Working closely with head designer in the creative process is key to establishing the look expected and known from MHD.

Andi Poswa | Operations Manager

Division: Curtain Workshop

Oversees and controls the production of curtains, blinds and soft furnishings . She is responsible for planning and directing the workload as well as managing the staff and monitoring their work to ensure our standards are met. Nothing Leaves the MHD workroom without her final stamp of approval.

Ronald Allan | Operations Manager

Division: Furniture & decorative Curtain Accessories Manufacturing Plant

A skillful individual who converts raw material inputs and labour who creates meaningful furniture pieces and décor accessories to clients specifications and expectations.

Learner Tau | Logistics

Division: Curtain Workshop

Controls all delivers, collection and removal services on all projects, and assists with installations.



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