What we do

Mullin House offers a full spectrum of in-house services to make the client experience effortless and harmonious. From architecture and interiors to custom curtains and handcrafted furniture, our team of experts carefully guide each project from concept to creation. With ultimate consideration for our clients’ wishes, and careful guidance along every step of the journey, we bring your design dreams to life.


Simplicity over Complexity

The fundamental test of any design will always be how people use it. How they interact with a space, how the elements divide or unite, harmonise or disrupt. It’s about what makes a space attractive, civilised, or meaningful. At MHD we aim to create spaces that have their own pulse, leaving luxury in each detail.


The Design Process

We realise that design, at its core, is an act of communication. It’s having a deep understanding of the person and the person’s needs we are designing for. It’s feeling into the space, the energy and light that already exists, mixing this with the person's personality and unique lifestyle and living requirements. It’s discovering the clients habits and stylistic tastes.

All of this communication and exploration is integral to the design process. After all, every phenomenal project always starts as a conversation. From meetings with our clients, and brainstorms with our expert design team we start exploring with sketches, concepts, mood boards, photo collages, colour compositions and materials developing a tailor made design that captures both the space and the client. Once approved we set to work, drawing on 35 years of expertise, and personal relationships with the best suppliers around the world to bring your vision into reality.

Only once the key is in your palm, and every wish is fulfilled, are we satisfied.

Study the client brief

Research, research, research

Brainstorm & Sketching

Concept Development




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